Head of People & Performance – Global Professional Services Firm

Andrew assisted us in defining and developing the training and development needs for members of our senior team.  Additionally he assisted us in defining coaching and communication development needs within the organisation.  His experience and expertise were extremely helpful and provided a base for us to articulate the development needs, the core objectives of planned programs and the key outcomes the organisation required.

Andrew’s personal approach has been to develop a strong understanding of our culture and professional development needs as a platform for providing advice and guidance. This has been a key element in the support he has provided to the firm.  We have found him to be highly professional and committed to excellent outcomes at all times. Andrew has a very personable style and a flexible approach which have made him a pleasure to work with.

CEO – HR Consulting Firm

On first meeting Cathy two years ago, my impression was that of a professional individual who understood how to facilitate well. Since then, Cathy has impressed me with her knowledge, understanding and sincere and deep commitment to the learning and development arena.

Cathy strives to be a facilitator with impact, by building on her knowledge and skills, and her commitment and capabilities in learning and development have been key components in our collaboration.

Director of Learning – Advisory Services

I have worked with Cathy in the learning & development field for 3 years and find her to be an outstanding facilitator, consultant & coach, committed to growing people and their organisations.  She works across industries with diverse clients and is experienced in many learning and development programs, tools, diagnostics and strategies. I highly recommend her as a bright, articulate and participant focused facilitator.

CEO  – Business Services

Andrew is a person who values honesty and behavioural integrity, and works consistently to extract the maximum potential out of those with whom he comes into contact.  He believes that change is most strongly influenced by personal example, and I gladly recommend him as a person committed to excellence in learning, development and transformation.