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Be Authentic. Forge New Opportunities.

Executive coaches are not for the meek. They’re for people who value unambiguous feedback. All coaches have one thing in common, it’s that they are ruthlessly results-oriented.


About Learning uses the Time To Think Coaching Process.  Thinking Environment Coaching has been described by coaching experts as one of the most effective client-centred coaching methods on the market.  It puts independent thinking of the client first in its aims.

This method allows clients truly to think for themselves:

  • To go beyond dependence on the coach’s views, guidance or analysis
  • To come up with ideas, directions, understanding and solutions for themselves that can be staggeringly accurate, imaginative and practical

Through coaching we explore a variety of topics or issues with you such as:

  • Your role and style as a leader
  • Self leadership and how to increase your emotional health and resilience
  • What you can do to improve as a leader of others
  • Undertaking new ventures or roles
  • Managing change successfully in self and in organisations
  • Dealing with disappointments and failure
  • Improving communication

We may use profiling tools or assessments (e.g. the Enneagram or LSI) to assist in developing self awareness.

Authentic Leadership

Learn to be what you know you can be. Be authentic and chart new pathways for yourself and others.
Executive Coaching

Coaching that helps you move beyond the boundaries that are limiting your growth and performance.
Communication and Collaboration

Increase your professional communication and enhance your relationships with customers, suppliers and colleagues.
Time to Think

Discover new and exciting ways to communicate. Surprise yourself and others using the Time to Think methodology.
Learning Management

Too much to do and not enough time? Take a look at our learning management services and contact us ...

Take a break, enhance your well being. Join us on retreat to rejuvenate ...
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