Open Courses

The Foundation Course – Experience 11 powerful practical, business applications of the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment.  Consider the transformative impact these processes can have on your leadership, your teams, your client and customer relationships and your life.

Thinking Partnership – Build expertise in this most complete and powerful application of the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment. Experience the power of and learn to construct Incisive Questions™.

Mentoring – Turn mentoring in your organisation in to the powerful force it can be by grounding the mentoring relationship in a real Thinking Environment.

Diversity – Diversity enhances thinking, because it is true: the world is diverse. We can only think for ourselves when we think as ourselves. Learn how to re-define diversity and unlock untrue limiting assumptions that block group thinking and performance.

Transforming Meetings – Turn your meetings into energising Thinking Environments. Build your team’s expertise in engaging the thinking of each person. Achieve remarkable concrete outcomes in record time.