A 2 day group programme with 4 quarterly half-day workshops to develop the mentoring relationship into a true Thinking Environment

12 (monthly) 2-hour sessions for Mentor and Mentee

When Mentoring relationships weaken or fail, it is often because the Mentor ‘takes over’ the sessions, doing most of the talking and thinking for the Mentee rather than using expertise to help the Mentee find their own answers and insights.

The Thinking Environment Mentoring process turns this around. With this Mentoring approach the Mentee is in charge and is the focus, using the session to do their own thinking with the expert skill of the Mentor. They then also use this process to learn from the Mentor in ways that keep the Mentee in charge. Both parties find the sessions deeply rewarding.

When Mentoring pairs can learn this process together and meet quarterly for a few hours to advance their skill, share their experiences and consider interesting issues as a group, the Mentoring experience is enriched even further.

Aims and Objectives for Participants

  • As Mentee to have the unusual experience of truly being in charge of the mentoring relationship
  • As Mentor to help the Mentee to think for themselves about issues important to them
  • To produce a non-infantilising structure for the Mentee to ask for and receive the Mentor’s knowledge, experience and wisdom
  • To learn the skills of a Thinking Environment
  • To increase learning through discussion with several Mentoring pairs
  • To acquire the skills of the Transforming Meetings model and The Time To Think Council