Transforming Meetings

A one and a half day programme to learn how to turn meetings into Thinking Environments

People in organisations spend more than two-thirds of their time in meetings. Leading productive meetings and ensuring the contribution of everyone has, therefore, become a serious responsibility for a leader.

In this programme teams learn how to use the meeting structure of a Thinking Environment to engage each person fully, to generate their finest thinking, to encourage respectful, robust discussion leading to decision-making of exceptional quality.

The programme includes practice in a real-time business meeting, achieving concrete business results.

Aims and Objectives for Participants

  • To apply the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment to the step by step running of meetings.
  • To experience impressive levels of engagement of each person in the meeting
  • To learn how to shorten meetings and produce better results
  • To learn the Thinking Environment skills for telephone and video conferencing, as well as face to face meetings
  • To learn how to prepare and conduct presentations so that everyone thinks well and stays energised