The Coaching Course

Pre-requisite: The Thinking Partnership Programme

A 4 day course (2 two day modules) to become an exceptional Coach using the Thinking Environment process.  It requires practicum work outside of class for final qualification.

We teach Coaches how to help Clients find their own answers and directions. The Thinking Environment Coaching process actually delivers that expertise as opposed to the coach needing to be the expert. This course is a time of exciting development – both of advanced Coaching skill, and of individual lives.

Aims and Objectives for Participants

  • To develop expertise in effective professional Coaching using the Thinking Environment methodology
  • To learn the purpose of each aspect of the Thinking Partnership Session in coaching
  • To advance skill in constructing Incisive Questions, unique to the Thinking Environment, which remove limiting assumptions
  • To progress both coaching-development and self-development through giving and receiving Coaching sessions from course participants
  • To understand how other coaching models align with the Thinking Environment approach
  • To expand learning and hewn skill through Practicum work outside of class
  • To qualify to join the Time To Think Collegiate as a registered Time To Think Coach

Facilitated by Cathy Duvel