Time To Think Consultant

Pre-requisites: The Thinking Partnership, Time To Think Coach and Facilitator courses

A 4 day course qualifying participants to offer all Thinking Environment programmes professionally.  It requires practicum work outside of class for final qualification.

Nothing quite compares to the satisfaction and joy of gaining this much competence in the Thinking Environment methodology. The classes are stimulating, personally affirming, academically challenging, highly experiential and filled with the kind of adventure that only learning at this level can be.

Aims and Objectives

  • To develop expertise in the Thinking Environment
  • To be able to teach the theory and process to others
  • To understand each facet of this theory in depth
  • To understand in detail the philosophy and psychology behind this body of work
  • To understand the rationale and purpose of each aspect of the process
  • To expand learning and hewn skill through practicum work outside of class
  • To qualify to join the Time To Think Collegiate as a registered Time To Think Consultant

Taught by Cathy Duvel