Thinking Environment – Foundation Course

The Foundation Course provides an introduction to applying the Thinking Environment components and applications to group interactions. It is a prerequisite to qualifying as a Time To Think Facilitator and Consultant.

The Foundation Course is an opportunity to experience the power of the Thinking Environment through 9 practical, business applications of the Ten Components.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To explore the ways everyday work and business communication structures such as meetings, dialogue, discussion, consultation, presentations, facilitation, interviews, resolving conflict, and working with colleagues and staff can be transformed into clear-thinking, invigorating, positive experiences
  • To discover the high quality thinking these ten behaviours produce
  • To discuss the importance of this expertise for working superbly as colleagues, leaders and teams
  • To see The Thinking Partnership Session and its effectiveness in producing thinking breakthroughs
  • To explore in depth a Component of your choice, and its challenge for you in becoming a Thinking Environment in your work and life


Your teacher Catherine Duvel, is an executive coach and facilitator, leadership consultant and Thinking Environment specialist. Through her company About Learning, she partners with individuals and organisations to develop effective leaders, high-performing teams and engaging cultures. Catherine is one of only two Time To Think Faculty members in the Asia Pacific region certified to deliver Time To Think qualifier courses.

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