Our Clients

Our clients range from large corporations to individuals, from local government to community projects.  It is our mission to assist in the growth, well being and success of people and organisations.  We believe that people who are more aware of their own thinking processes and their own behaviour are more capable of making informed decisions about their conduct.  This awareness and capability is crucial to the creation of a sustainable future, be that for themselves, their business or the greater community.

We have experience in working with people across many industries.  Some of these are in:

  • Banking
  • Asset Management
  • Professional Services
  • IT and Systems Integration
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing
  • Food and Food Co-operatives
  • Schools
  • Health and Well Being
  • Community Education and Training
  • Local government

When engaged by a client we aim to introduce a Thinking Environment™ that enables all the participants in the process to generate a clearer understanding of requisite outcomes and potential obstacles.  It also allows us to understand our own limiting assumptions and to recognise that the success of a project depends on our ability to suspend and move beyond these limiting assumptions.