Corporate Workshops & Programs

Transform your organisation

Creating a Thinking Environment is a simple yet powerful process that draws on the Positive Philosophical Choice that human beings are by nature good: intelligent, loving, powerful, multi-talented, able to think through anything, imaginative and logical. The process creates trust very quickly and connects people to their courage and encouragement of others to think independently for themselves.

Catherine Duvel is a Thinking Environment specialist who sits on the global Time to Think faculty. She is available to deliver the following workshops and programs which can be adapted to suit your business needs and can be delivered online or in-person.

Transforming Meetings Workshop

An 90-minute workshop to introduce tools to turn your meetings into energising Thinking Environments. Build your team’s expertise in engaging the thinking of each person. Achieve remarkable concrete outcomes in record time.

Thinking Environment Masterclass

A one-day workshop to introduce the behaviours, building blocks and applications of a Thinking Environment. Transform the one-on-one and group interactions in your organisation – create an engaging and inclusive culture.

Mentoring Program

Turn mentoring in your organisation into the powerful force it can be by grounding the mentoring relationship in a real Thinking Environment.

Diversity Program

Diversity enhances thinking, because it is true: the world is diverse. We can only think for ourselves when we think as ourselves. Learn how to re-define diversity and unlock untrue limiting assumptions that block group thinking and performance.

Do not be fooled by the simplicity of this process. It can unleash the power of your whole organisation.” Telecommunications Executive