Future Leaders Programs

Leading us to a better future

The world has become complex, large and connected virtually – like never before in history. Our current leaders around the world have been faced with new and uncharted challenges, and we can expect this to continue and potentially become part of our lives.

Many countries and organisations have not been prepared for the impact COVID-19 has had and the leaders of those countries and organisations have had varying levels of success with the decisions that have been made during this pandemic.

What it is highlighting is the need to review the skill set that leaders now require.

Today’s Leader and certainly the Leaders of the Future, will have to have a broader skill set than Leaders of the past – where life was simple in comparison.

Future Leaders will need to be:

  • Emotionally Healthy, Self-Aware and Conscious of their thinking, feelings and responses in all situations
  • They are able to access a range of behaviours that are situationally appropriate
  • They are able to create environments where everyone can contribute equally and where differences in perspective is encouraged, this will lead to good decision-making and team cohesion.
  • They bring empathy, consideration and heart to all their interactions

About Learning provides services in developing current leaders, high-potential employees and emerging young leaders.  We also work with leadership teams to develop as a united group.

We have a particular interest in the leaders of the future and have worked in schools with pupils and staff.

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