The Positive Philosophical Choice

Human beings are by nature good

The Thinking Environment is based on the chosen philosophical view that human beings are by nature good: intelligent, loving, powerful, multi-talented, emotional, assertive, able to think through anything, imaginative and logical. Behaviour to the contrary is seen as the result of assumptions generated over a lifetime by events, conditions and attitudes in a personal life.

Human nature can not be proven. So we must choose a philosophy of human nature. Some people and systems of thought choose to see human nature as flawed or even as fundamentally evil and in need of a lifetime of repair and repentance. Some see human nature as neutral, a blank sheet on which life will write it’s goods and bads.

A positive philosophy of human nature has become the basis of Thinking Partnership work for pragmatic reasons. We have observed that cogent, coherent, imaginative ideas flow more dependably from this philosophy of human nature than for a more neutral or cynical one. A positive philosophical choice has proven to be the best one from which to free the human mind to think independently, clearly, creatively and in the best real interests of people.