Leadership Development
& Executive Coaching

Next Level Leadership Development

Successful leaders today are talented in both technical and interpersonal skills. They demonstrate resilience and agility when confronted by complex global issues. They are adaptable and versatile in ever-changing situations and can self-regulate to meet the demands of their changing environment.

At About Learning we draw on a range of Leadership methodologies, assessments, 360 feedback surveys and interactive learning programs to design and deliver an organisational Leadership development program that is specifically tailored to meet your business needs.

Executive & Remedial Coaching

Executive Coaching enables participants the opportunity to work through personal goals and challenges whilst seeking alignment with organisational values, charters, vision and goals.

About Learning coaches are able to explore a variety of topics and develop capability in areas such as:

  • Understanding your role and style as a leader and the impact you have on others
  • Managing complex, challenging relationships and having difficult conversations
  • Improving resilience, wellbeing and stress management and enabling others to do the same
  • Knowing your “bespoke qualities and gifts” and how that can support you and others in being successful
  • Communicating your vision and inspiring others to come along on the journey.