Team Coaching & Development

Working together in new ways

Teams today are facing complexity and change at a fast pace and are having to learn to work together in new ways in order to find solutions and ways forward that keep on delivering results.

Today’s highly effective team has learnt to come together in a way that allows for independent and innovative thinking in approaching a complex and uncertain business environment.

The ability to set clear objectives and goals alongside quality relationships and interpersonal skills, provide teams the resilience and flexibility to navigate change with a growth mindset.

At About Learning we work with a team’s leader/s, all team members and any other important sponsors/stakeholders to tailor a bespoke program in service of the team goals and objectives.

This typically would comprise a series of Workshops, Action Learning projects and regular Team Coaching sessions over a period of time. Often, individual coaching alongside the team development process can accelerate the developmental period.

Because we know the process of changing behaviour and embedding new skills takes time, Team Coaching is an integral part of the learning and skills transfer process that rebuilds the culture and Leadership you need for the future.