Thinking Environment Foundation Course

An experiential online course that provides an in-depth introduction to creating Thinking Environments and is a prerequisite to the Time To Think Facilitator Qualifying Course. 

The Thinking Environment Foundation Course introduces the behaviours and practical applications proven to generate the best quality thinking, actions and results from group interactions, whether they be in-person or online.

  • Course structure: The foundation course is delivered over three days with each day being split into two interactive online workshops.

  • Course Dates: 10, 11 & 19 November 2020

  • Session Times: 10:00 to 12:30 & 13:30 to 15:30 Australian EST

  • Group numbers: Min 4 – Max 8

  • Course Teachers: About Learning founder, Catherine Duvel and fellow Time To Think faculty member Candice Smith

  • Fees: AUD $1, 250 + GST, Concessions available

  • Confirm seat: contact

In our rapidly changing world creating an environment of genuine connection and clear and independent thinking is an essential humanising skill. Having a broad range of approaches to help us easily create these kinds of environments is key. Deepen your expertise in a proven human technology to elevate the way you think, connect and create islands of sanity and clarity in our rapidly shifting sands.

After years of research and observation Nancy Kline, founder of the Thinking Environment® recognised that people generate their best thinking if the people around them behave in certain ways. The Foundation Course will introduce you to these ten behaviours and their practical applications. Through a series of five interactive small group sessions, you will gain:

  • LIVED EXPERIENCE : Experience being in a Thinking Environment and practise creating this environment for yourself and others

  • PRACTICAL TOOLS : Transform your one-on-one interactions, team meetings and group conversations: build connectedness, surface new thinking and get results

  • TIME TO THINK : Gain valuable time to think about the topics that matter most to you – access your own best thinking and the thinking of those around you

Online Course Outline

The Thinking Environment Foundation Course is designed to explore the theory and demonstrate the practical applications of the Ten Components of the Thinking Environment® in group contexts. The course will cover:

  • An introduction to the Ten Components and exploring how to embody these for ourselves and provide them for others

  • Exploring the ‘Building Blocks’ of creating a Thinking Environment, including Thinking Pairs, Dialogue & Rounds

  • Experimenting with putting the ‘Building Blocks’ together in various contexts, including participating and chairing a real-time meeting, and the Time To Think Council process

  • Examining the ways in which meetings, discussion, presentations, facilitation, and working with colleagues and staff can be transformed into spacious, energising, positive experiences

  • An opportunity for rejuvenation and a commitment to weaving the practices into your professional and personal ecosystems

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