The ValueYou™ Appreciation Cards


Appreciation is a transformative gift.

Neuroscience research and studies show that we grow most when we focus on our strengths and constructive qualities. Learning rests on our feeling worthy, our valuing what we do well and less on what we do reactively.

The ValueYou™ Appreciation Cards encourage and nurture the ability to notice and acknowledge all there is to appreciate daily, and to expand vocabulary to recognise and acknowledge more amazing qualities in people. The 7 applications are valuable exercises that can be used for self-development or with coaching teams and individuals.

  • 66 cards with 216 Qualities with 216 Incisive Questions™
  • The 216 Qualities are the emotionally healthy qualities for each of the 9 Types in the Enneagram personality profiling system
  • Encourages optimum emotionally healthy qualities
  • Each quality has an Incisive Question which opens the mind to play rather than obey. It often results in concrete, powerful insights and action. Asked many times, it yields new, valuable results
  • Full instructions for applying to Teams, Groups, Coaching, Forming Trust, Valuing the goodness in Life

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