Thinking Environment – Deep Dive Online Course

Covering content from both the Thinking Environment Foundation Course and Thinking Partnership Course, the Deep Dive Online Course is an extensive professional development experience and also serves as a prerequisite to qualifying as a Time To Think Coach, Facilitator, Thinking Partnership Teacher and Consultant.


Time To Think™  is an international leadership development and coaching company who have, after decades of research, identified a set of behaviours and applications that generate the finest independent thinking, actions and results.

The Deep Dive will introduce you to these behaviours and practical applications and provide an opportunity to experience and learn how to apply:

  • The Ten Components of a Thinking Environment®, discover how thinking is generated in their presence.
  • The Thinking Partnership Session, a unique process for excavating untrue limiting assumptions. By asking powerful Incisive Questions™ we liberate the human mind and access break-through thinking.
  • Practical applications including: Thinking Pairs, Dialogue, Rounds, Open Discussion, Meetings, the Time To Think Council, Presentations and Facilitation

Via nine interactive online group workshops, a 1:1 Thinking Session to discern your personal learning objectives, and ongoing practicum activities, you will gain:

  • LIVED EXPERIENCE: Experience being in a Thinking Environment, the power of a Thinking Partnership Session and practice creating these environments for others
  • PRACTICAL TOOLS: Transform your one-on-one interactions, team meetings and group conversations: build connectedness, surface new thinking and get results
  • PERSONAL GROWTH: Access your own best thinking and make measurable progress towards obtaining your personal and professional development goals.


  • 9 X Interactive Group Workshops
  • 1x Personal Thinking Session
  • Ongoing Practicum Activities
  • 5-Month Learning Journey


Your teacher Catherine Duvel, is an executive coach and facilitator, leadership consultant and Thinking Environment specialist. Through her company About Learning, she partners with individuals and organisations to develop effective leaders, high-performing teams and engaging cultures. Catherine is one of only two Time To Think Faculty members in the Asia Pacific region certified to deliver Time To Think qualifier courses.

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